How WoW Should Have Been Played.

December 9th 2022

VIP System

How Does Our VIP System Work?

World of Warcraft:shouldabeen has a monthly VIP system where you get monthly bonuses. However, in order to prevent unfair play, we have done our best to try aim away completely from pay to win with these features. That means there is no kind of reputation increase, nor experience increase, rather you have rewards and perks given to you that improve your quality of life, or over all to have fun in. If we were to be nitpicky, we would say there is an arguable "One" pay to win feature that we have while you are VIP, and that is having a 100% mount that has two other slots other than the driver, to carry your friends on so long as you have VIP. "

Why we have a VIP System

Most servers run into an inevitable evil, where they have to make a choice. Either they are completely free to play with donations that have no kind of VIP system which then begin to fizzle out after a couple months, or they turn pay to win allowing you to buy experience potions, reputation potions, or worse.... gear. the VIP system we have in place prevents us from ever being forced to shut down or go pay to win.

With our VIP system, which is 12.99 a month, it allows us to not only pay the bills, but also to fix bugs and support our staff team and their families. Here at shouldabeen, we care about not only our players, but everything that is part of our community. That includes the hardware being used! Below is the list of features, should you be interested, that come with VIP!

VIP Features

  • -1) A wooly mammoth; 3 Seater, 100% Movement Speed speed with no riding skill requirement.
  • -2) A Monthly Redo Stone, allowing you to restore all items lost within hardcore PVP in TBC once.
  • -3) Able to train spells from anywhere in the world.
  • -4) Able to hearth back to your capital city.
  • -5) Able to Que arenas from anywhere.
  • -6) Able to place a bounty on someone from anywhere for ANY amount.
  • -6) Able to morph into a few cute animals
  • -7) Able to add more than just 30 days onto the VIP time
  • -Able to play on server before official launch (all progress will be wiped)
  • Please Note: VIP status does not function within Outlands, to make it completely fair.